Frequently Asked Questions
What is Sweet?
Welcome to Sweet Phone Service. We’ve made saving money too easy — just download the FREE app for iPhone or Android, get a Sweet deal in seconds, and let us take care of any switching hassle.
How is Sweet different from any other phone service?
We believe that phone service is broken. Nearly 80% of US wireless subscribers are overpaying, but finding the right plan & switching is a nightmare. You deserve Sweet Phone Service. We’ve built technology that offers the best price possible by analyzing your usage, and our in-house experts take care of switching for you - no calls needed. Saving with Sweet is like getting free money. Sign up in seconds with the app.
What will I pay with Sweet?
We offer unlimited from $15/mo. Your price depends on your device, coverage, usage, and current plan. Get the app to see what you’ll save.
Is Sweet right for me?
We recommend you get the app to see if you’re overpaying at the very least.
What if Sweet isn’t right for me?
If your device isn’t compatible, we’ll find another provider that works with your device. If we can’t beat your deal but someone else can, we’ll recommend that deal. And if at any point we can beat that price, we’ll send you a Price Drop Alert to let you know. Pretty sweet, right?
How is the coverage, speed, etc?
Sweet gets its high-speed nationwide service from the big guys. Don’t worry, the app will do a coverage check before offering you a Sweet deal.
Why do the big providers work with Sweet?
It’s a lot of work to support a nationwide network. Sweet handles all the you-facing stuff so the big guys can get back to what they do best - building networks and providing dependable service.
Do you offer free voicemail, caller ID, etc?
Yes! All the basics are included, free.
Can I bring my phone?
Yes! In fact, you’ll have to, because we don’t sell devices. The app will check to see if your device is compatible before making an offer
What about my existing service?
Don’t worry about it! We’ll suspend your existing service, move your number for you, and make sure you’re not charged any cancellation fees.
Are there any credit checks or contracts?
Absolutely not! No contracts, commitments and credit checks.
Is Sweet reading my messages & listening to my phone calls?
No! We respect your privacy, and don’t touch that stuff.
Does Sweet sell my personal information?
Absolutely not! We’ll never sell any of your personal information to third parties, and we secure all of your account data with the same 256-bit encryption that banks use.
More questions about privacy?
Learn more about what we collect and do with your data in our Privacy Policy, or if you have any more questions, contact us.